Trailerable Houseboats and Small Houseboats

Houseboats come in various shapes and sizes. One of the allures of trailerable houseboats is that owners can tow their houseboat to many destinations, rather than being docked at one lake. Many of the modern designs of trailerable houseboats allow a lot of functionality you find in many of the bigger houseboats.

Many of today’s trailerable houseboats offer many amenities. Most are big enough for two people to stay comfortably. You can find showers, beds, kitchens and dinettes. The layouts usually allow one to easily move about the cabin. Many also come with luxurieTrailerable Houseboats as air conditioning, and dual helm operation, fly bridges.

Houseboat Plans PDF Print E-mail

Many people dream of building their own houseboat. But where does one start?  There are many houseboat plans available that will give you everything

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The Future of Houseboating? PDF Print E-mail

Has Orhan Cileli , an award winning industrial designer, developed the future for houseboat designs? Cileli's has developed an eco-friendly design

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